Check it Out, Mate: MM Chess and Nexplore Partner on Chess Education

Nexplore is proud to share our partnership with MM Chess Academy, a renowned online chess academy that is bringing talented masters to Nexplore Chess after-school classes across Illinois and Ohio.


This innovative partnership aims to integrate MM Chess’s robust curriculum into Nexplore’s diverse range of programs, offering children a unique opportunity to develop critical thinking skills while having fun.

MM Chess’s curriculum utilizes the renowned Chess Steps Method, a proven approach that breaks down complex concepts into manageable steps, and progressive learning that is meant to take children with limited chess knowledge to about 1200 in rating, placing them among the top 10% of chess players in the world. MM Chess’s Workbook “How To Beat Your Friends in Chess” ensures that children learn at their own pace, building a solid foundation in the game’s fundamentals while fostering a love for chess.

Keep an eye out for this exciting program coming to schools near you!

It’s time to unlock the potential of young minds, one move at a time.

Nexplore’s Success at BOOST Conference!

We had a fantastic time at the BOOST conference in Palm Springs! It was invigorating to catch up with longtime site partners in-person and forge new expanded learning collaborations.

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