Nexplore Drone

Nexplore Drone

Nexplore Drones is an Aerospace engineering course designed for students to be able to design their drones and encourage students to explore different drone-based careers.

Students interact with state-of-the-art drones and learn how to pilot, how to log a flight while encouraging them to act as inventors in their own safe space.

Students build and personalize their own remote-controlled drones to complete missions, based off of real-life scenarios; such as flying medicine to a remote part of the African savannah or delivering mail a few blocks over in your neighborhood to a friend! Drone usage is a cutting-edge skill that is on the rise of demand in today’s age. They are now also used in a range of civilian roles, including the following:

  • search and rescue.
  • surveillance.
  • weather monitoring.
  • firefighting.
  • personal use.
  • drone-based photography – such as real estate.
  • videography.

Drones in the air up, up, and away!