Flying Discs

Flying Discs

Lift. Thrust. Drag. Gravity!

Since 700 B.C., flying discs have been making a name for themselves. In this high-flying program, students zoom through the disc’s historic past while learning valuable physics concepts. While enjoying the fresh air, they investigate how discs are only able to fly because of spin (lift), angular momentum (thrust), shape (drag) and weight (gravity). With different shapes and sizes of flying objects, participants learn the most effective throwing, flying and catching techniques, gaining a crucial understanding of the four forces that affect all objects in flight.

During this 12-lesson program, learners capture a thorough knowledge of founding physics concepts, capping off the last day with an exciting game of STEM ultimate frisbee to test their newly acquired skills!

Each Activity Includes:

  • Schedule
  • Materials List
  • Step-By-Step Activity Instructions
  • Topic Background Information & Vocabulary
  • Opening & Closing Discussion
  • Optional Extension Activities

Curriculum Topics:

  • The History of the Flying Disc
  • Flying Rings
  • Origami Flying Discs
  • Intro to Throwing and Catching Techniques
  • Pivoting
  • Statue Flying Disc
  • Flying Tic Tac Toe
  • Disc Golf
  • Play Ultimate Disc
  • Play “Guts”
  • Ultimate Tournament