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Virtual Enrichment Programs


No one really knows yet what the near future of after school programs will look like, but one thing is clear, distance learning will be an integral part of it.
Virtual enrichment performance is essential now more than ever before. NEXPLORE TURNS VIRTUAL LEARNING TO HANDS – ON ENGAGING EXPERIENCE

Here at Nexplore we asked ourselves how can we boost our virtual experience while staying true to our mission of “Fostering the joy of learning.”

We have incorporated into our virtual programs four characteristics of playful learning: Joyful, Actively Engaging, Socially Interactive and a Meaningful Experience.

Our secret sauce so to speak is our unique learning supplies and hands-on consumable kits.

We have decided to save no cost in incorporating these learning supplies into our virtual programs. We offer our partner schools to ship our kits to their site or directly to families’ home.

Furthermore, all of our classes are run live and not pre-recorded. By doing so, we have created a new trend of virtual experience which is HANDS ON.

Our students are tenfold more engaged and interactive. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive.