Nexplore Nature Watch

Nexplore Nature Watch

Nature Watch

Environmental science comes alive with Nature Watch activity kits! Each activity is centered around a hands-on project designed to engage, enlighten, and enliven the learning process. Each course covers one important topic, like animals, ecosystems, climate, and more. To further promote discover, all kits include a craft so each participant can “make and take” their project home. Nature Watch’s activity kits are fully aligned to NGSS, advance 21st century science education and are mapped for STEAM extensions.

Course 1

CategoryKit NameKit DescriptionAge Range
AnimalIncredible InsectsMake a glowing firefly 
PlantsTree-mendousDecorate and make your own tree cookie necklace 
Earth, Space, OceanSolar SystemCreate a model of the Solar System showing relative planet sizes 
PlantsPressed Leaf CoasterUsed real pressed leaves to make a coaster 
AnimalRattlesnakeMake a rattlesnake with rattling tail 
Weather, ClimateMake Your Own CompassMake a compass necklace 
PlantsHerb Garden GreenhousePlant 4 different herbs; learn about germination rates 
Weather, ClimateMake Your Own MonocularMake a monocular 
AnimalFood ChainLearn about the owl food chain 
AnimalHummingbird FeederMake a hummingbird feeder 
AnimalHoneycomb CandleMake a candle out of honeycomb 
AnimalButterfly FeederMake a craft flower that becomes a real butterfly feeder 

Course 2

CategoryKit NameKit DescriptionAge Range
AnimalFroggy FaceMake a frog mask with blower tongue and bugs to catch 
Weather, ClimateWeather WindowMake a frame to help identify cloud types 
Weather, ClimateRainbow-ScopeMake a scope to see the colors of the rainbow 
AnimalSpider Web FrameMake a foam spider web frame so spiders can spin webs in it 
Earth, Space, OceanShell InstrumentMake and decorate an instrument out of seashells 
Weather, ClimateWater Cycle WheelMake a model showing the water cycle 
AnimalCreate-a-BatCreate a foam bat that flies from a string & will pick up bugs to eat 
Weather, ClimatePocket SundialCreate a small wooden sundial to tell time using the sun 
PlantsForests ForeverPlant a pine tree seed 
Earth, Space, OceanEco-BagMake and decorate a reusable canvas tote bag 
PrehistoricDino-Bonz Dinosaur PuzzlePut together a 3-D T. Rex wooden puzzle 
EarthRock-O-RamaMake a rock collection card with 4 different rocks and minerals  

Course 3

CategoryKit NameKit DescriptionAge Range
Earth, Space, OceanMoon Phase Memory Game Activity KitMake a concentration type game that helps teach moon phases 
PrehistoricEgyptian ExplorersUsing hieroglyphics in a papyrus bookmark 
PlantsLeaf and Flower PressMake a press to use for pressing leaves or flowers 
AnimalMagnificent MetamorphosisMake a press to use for pressing leaves or flowers 
AnimalBee GardenPlant a Bee attracting garden – no manual with this kit 
EarthPrehistoric AmberPolish a piece of real amber 
Weather, ClimateHere Comes the SuncatcherMake a suncatcher with pressed flowers 
Earth, Space, OceanSeashell Bracelet Activity KitMake a bracelet out of seashells 
AnimalSave the Bee Bracelet thumbnailSave the Bee BraceletMake a bracelet to support bees 
Earth, Space, OceanStarry, Starry Day Activity KitMake a constellation keychain
Weather, Climate“Beat the Heat” Neck Cooler Activity KitMake a neck cooler, learn about animal adaptations 
Earth, Space, OceanStar Seekers Activity KitMake a star wheel/constellation map 

Course 4

CategoryKit NameKit DescriptionAge Range
AnimalAmazing Animals Activity KitAnimal track impression / NEEDS plaster of paris NOT included 
Earth, Space, OceanEco-Solutions Activity KitMake recycled paper 
PrehistoricRainforest Ramble Activity KitMake a pin out of a tagua nut from the rainforest 
Earth ScienceGemstone Ring Activity KitMake a ring out of a gemstone 
AnimalAnimal Track IdentifierMake and Animal Track Identifier 
AnimalBirds of a Feather Activity KitLearn about different feather types/take home a peacock feather 
AnimalRaptors: Birds of Prey Activity KitMake and decorate a raptor claw keychain 
AnimalProtecting Endangered Animals Activity KitMake a shrinky dink keychain NEEDS Toaster Oven 
AnimalAnimal Track Game Activity KitIdentify Animal Tracks by making a “fortune-teller” type game 
PlantsFood Doesn’t Grow in SupermarketsHoney based curriculum to learn about where food comes from 
PrehistoricRainforest Seed BraceletMake a bracelet out of seeds from the rainforest 
Life ScienceOwl Pellet Activity KitDissect an owl pellet