Nexplore Etiquette

Nexplore Etiquette

Teaching Children the Proper Manners and Etiquette They Need to Succeed in Life

First impressions matter – at any age.

That’s why good manners and etiquette are so important. When we teach children how to behave courteously and attentively toward others, we equip them with valuable tools that help them thrive in any social scenario. Their self-esteem increases. They are more confident interacting with others, even in unfamiliar situations.

They are more likely to leave a lasting positive impression in people’s minds. And it becomes so much easier for them to achieve success in their lives.

How a Student Behaves Can Impact Their Entire Academic Career

As parents and educators, we all know how important it is for students to understand how to behave appropriately in different social situations. Students who demonstrate basic etiquette and social skills – and show respect and consideration for others – create a more positive impression in the eyes of their peers and the adults in their lives. As a result, they are more likely to be presented with opportunities that allow them to grow and thrive. Nexplore Etiquette curriculum makes it fun and easy to teach students grades K-8th these skills and prepare them for success throughout elementary school, middle school, and beyond.

Explore our manners and etiquette lessons below to see how Nexplore can help children develop the social skills they need to create brighter futures for themselves.


  • Why Manners Matter (inc FREE Sample)
  • What Are Good Manners
  • Eye Contact
  • Smile
  • Posture
  • Magical Words
  • Handshakes
  • Introductions
  • Using Grown-Up Titles
  • Respect
  • Greetings and Goodbye’s


  • Why Manners Matter
  • Conversation Skills
  • Tech Manners
  • Phone Manners
  • Thank You Notes
  • Manners Out and About
  • Manners in Public Places


  • Why Manners Matter
  • How to Set a Casual Table
  • How to Set a Formal Table
  • How to Hold a Fork Correctly
  • American Style Dining
  • European Style Dining
  • Posture at the Table
  • Have You Ever Wondered What To Do
  • Manners in a Restaurant
  • Fine Dining to Do’s
  • Quiz