Nexplore offers curriculum and instruction that can easily be integrated into regular school-day programming. From physical fitness and movement to STEM skills, our programs offer a fun and engaging way to enrich the traditional school setting.

Our in-school service packages offer full learning programs to public and private educational institutes in the form of a weekly hour of instruction during school hours. These packages can be applied to kindergarten, elementary and middle school children with a variety of educational levels (gifted, special need, etc.). Trimester or yearly curriculum will be built according to the class age and needs.

Lessons are conducted by professional, certified instructors for classes (up to 26 students). The Nexplore support and control team will continually visit and supervise that that our classes are run according to our curriculum and educational standards.

The Nexplore Games package includes all of the following materials:

  • Instructor books
  • Demonstration accessories
  • Student work books (extra cost)
  • Interactive computerized courses
  • Thinking games to allow up to 26 students to play simultaneously
Published on October 28, 2015