Nexplore Dough

Classic play meets academic enrichment in Nexplore’s ingenuitive Dough program. While crafting and creating, students expand their academic and fine motor skills with mixed modeling materials. Guided interactive lessons challenge students to use their imagination to construct animals, mix colors, strengthen mathematical reasoning, and explore scientific concepts like Earth’s layers, cells, fossils, phases of the moon, circuitry, and more!


Grade Level Course Description
PreK – K Little Dough-nuts Engineer Dough Creations through Interactive Lessons!
Students are introduced to the wonderful world of dough as a tool to expand academic knowledge and build fine motor skills. Through guided interactive lessons, they are challenged to use their imagination to plan, construct, and build their own creations focused on different areas of engineering. Students explore math, zoology, and art concepts, culminating in a final chemistry engineering project where they design and create a personalized model to keep.
1 – 5 Squishy Circuits Electric Circuits Bring Dough Creations to Life!
In this introduction to electrical engineering, students use dough and circuitry components to discover a variety of scientific concepts, spark creativity, and strengthen fine motor skills. Through guided, interactive lessons, they are challenged to use their imagination to apply learnings about electrical energy and flow throughout circuits to plan, construct, and create their own designs. Students learn about insulators, conductors, and power to build dough models that will light up, spin, or make noise, culminating in a final project where they engineer their own challenge.