Nexplore Minecraft


Explore the collaborative world of MineCraft through language arts, stem, chemistry, math, history, and more. Minecraft: Education Edition offers fun, engaging, and interactive lessons just by playing Mine- Craft. With an app that is supported on most devices, students can dive into captivating lessons that cover a wide rage of learning. With lesson plans that expand past the classroom students can continue learning and practicing the skills at home!

Curriculum Topics:

  • SCIENCE:Chemistry,Biodiversity,Manufacturing,Space Exploration,Biology, Computer Science
  • MATH:Adding&Subtrating,Decimals&Fractions,Area& Volume
  • LANGUAGE ARTS: Story Building, Creative writing, Spelling Skills
  • HISTORY & CULTURE: Ancient Egypt, World War1, Cultures around the world
  • SOCIAL EMOTIONAL: Social Justice, Identity, Tolerance

MineCraft offers dozens of lessons in each topic that cover age groups K-12

System Requirements Link:


Note: Please note that schools are required to purchase individual accounts for each student who wishes to participate in the course. Accounts can be purchased for $5.04 per student. Licensing | Minecraft Education