Art Rods

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Art Rods

In our Art Rods Program your students will learn the basics of 3D design, sculpting and modeling which will release their creativity, and let their imagination go in this fun and engaging art program. We use an inventive and fun material called Art Rods which is a brand new modeling material, a foam rod with wire core which is perfect for prototyping inventions, creating art, teaching children alphabet letters, or assisting STEAM kids. It is fun, colorful, squishy, and an extreme creativity tool. Your students can make dozens of objects like Animals, Airplanes, Pencil holders, flowers and more. They will take home their creations to share with their family and friends.

Target Age Group

  • Students in grades PreK-5 (lessons differentiated based on grade level)

Course 1

LessonActivityPictureAge Range
PreK-K1st – 3rd
Project 1Make a wristband
Project 2Design a swan
Project 3Make and decorate sunglasses
Project 4Play reading and writing games
Project 5Design and make a car
Project 6Design and invent a table game
Project 7Make a face puppet
Project 8Make a puppet show
Project 9Make an animal
Project 10Make a larger animal
Project 11Make an animal show or video
Project 12Art or film show/student choice games