Book Club

Nexplore Book Club

Nexplore Book Club uses the wonderful world of literature to foster social-emotional literacy in a fun, engaging literary community! Empowered by Reading with Relevance, this evidence-based program guides students in the process of reading relevant, culturally affirming, socially and emotionally rich literature. The CASEL-certified curriculum breaks high-interest, diverse books into a series of thoughtful lesson plans inviting students to read deeply, think critically, talk openly, and write reflectively. Each lesson is designed to support students to strengthen social-emotional skills and explore theme, vocabulary, read alouds, discussion, journaling and other extensions.

Grade Level Text Topics Explored
Grades 2-3 Donavan’s Word Jar problem solving, perseverance, family, empathy, education, and kindness
Keena Ford and the Second Grade Mix-Up honesty, friendship, family, forgiveness, trust, and kindness
Indian Shoes culture, family, home, loss, resilience, and joy
Grades 4-5 Crossover family, grief & loss, coping, resilience, and growing up
Any Small Goodness family, community, empathy, kindness, poverty, and optimism
Riding Freedom gender, determination, perseverance, freedom, identity, and resilience
Grades 6-8 Harbor Me empathy and friendship, grief and loss, immigration and deportation, and racial identity and privilege
Ghost poverty, bullying, sports, friendship, and overcoming trauma
Ghost Boys systemic racism, telling one’s story, police brutality, bullying, empathy, and understanding
Grades 9-12 I Am Malala gender oppression, access to education, violence, family, and bravery
It’s Trevor Noah: Born a Crime perseverance, belonging, fear, injustice, family, being different, and empathy
The House on Mango Street friendship and family, coming-of-age, poverty, community, loss, and perseverance