Nexplore Games


Nexplore Games is an innovative program that uses an internationally acclaimed selection of strategy and mind games to enhance 21st century life skills and teach students how to think, rather than what to think.

Our mission to use award-winning selection of mind and strategy games from all over the world to teach a vast array of 21st century skills, addressing logic/reasoning, social, emotional, study skills, values, leadership, communication, science & environment, mathematics, reading/language arts, economy and entrepreneurship.

We believe, that, with this kind of thinking “tool kit,” Nexplore Games students will be better equipped to face the multiple, complex challenges of the 21st century. Nexplore Games is the bridge that connects the world of games to the real world. During the course, students reflect upon and learn meta-cognitive models, which are then applied to all walks of life and scholastic achievements.

Our methodology to “Play. Learn. Apply.” approaches the education process as a fun, informative and transferable experience. The Nexplore Games curriculum and methodology is inspired by Aristotle’s appreciation of play, David Perkin’ Transference Theory, Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory and Herbert Simon’s Understanding Process: Problem Isomorphs. Each of these theorists contributes valuable ideas supporting the importance of using games to develop skills that can be applied to real life.



In the first stage, students learn one of Nexplore’s carefully selected strategy games. After a related introductory activity, students will learn the aims and rules of a new game. They will be given the opportunity to play in small groups.


In the second stage, students will be introduced to metacognitive models, game strategies and underlying thinking concepts to develop their awareness about thinking processes. This reflective and investigatory phase encourages students to analyze their gaming experience and refine it.


In the third stage, students will be guided to make connections to the real world. The thinking concepts learned in the game are applied to real life scenarios in which students can make a transference from the game setting to their real cognitive, social, emotional and academic experiences.


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