Nexplore is such a flexible, understanding vendor! Their team is on top of everything and I love it! Also, I love Zumba and wish I could join!

Nicole Jarvis Babaoglu, Office Manager, Bowman School

Nexplore’s Mind & Body Camp was really fantastic. The instructors were great and the kids had fun! We cannot wait to have them back next year.

Jocelyn Schorvitz, Associate Head of School, Atlanta Jewish Academy

My school has done business with Nexplore for many years for after school enrichment, and we are always very satisfied. Our school has offered Science Wiz, Games, Makers Club, Zumba and next school year we are adding Nexplore Art to the menu. The Nexplore staff is professional, and the teachers are exceptional, …. but more than that, the content they cover with each class is truly amazing! They connect with each child, and they understand the power of making learning FUN. I recommend these enrichment classes to other schools and parents all the time.

Dorothy Martinez, Extended Care Director, Live Oak School

Zumba is a favorite activity for many students at our school!

Michelle Barclay, Office Manager, The Kessler School

The children at our preschool count down the days until they have Zumba class! Zumba has been such a wonderful addition to our curriculum. The children run home to show their parents all the dance moves they were taught by their fanstic Zumba instructor!

Joanna Askenazi, Principal, Tauber Academy

Our Zumba® Kids instructor provides a super fun, highly interactive program that is individualized to meet our students’ level of ability. She choreographs slow, simple movements to popular music that our kids love! She makes sure to dance with each of our students and assist them with remaining on task and achieving the dance routines to the very best of their abilities! Zumba® Kids has not only assisted our students with body awareness but built their self-esteem.

Penny Davidson, After School Director, St. Peter’s Academy

Nexplore Games is a big hit at our school! The activities and strategies being taught are fun and engaging and our students love it!

Michelle Barclay, Office Manager, The Kessler School

Our students enjoy the Zumba® Kids program and especially love our instructor! Her enthusiasm and compassion has enabled each of our students to become more aware of their bodies while having so much fun!

Kristen Peterson MS, ESE, Principal, Celandine Life-Prep Academy, Inc.

I love teaching Think Kids! It’s so much fun using games to teach students life skills! Each class is like a learning party all through play! The kids love it and they are learning so much!

Claire Villard, Nexplore Games, Dallas, Texas