Nexplore Pottery

Nexplore Pottery

Nexplore Pottery channels children’s natural creativity and curiosity into hands-on, artistic expression! Pottery offers a unique outlet for children to sculpt their ideas into one-of-a-kind creations, fostering self-expression and building confidence. This multisensory craft offers joy in experiencing the touch, smells, sounds, and sights of clay. Manipulating clay helps children understand that they have the ability to change something with their own hands and influence the outside world.

During the pottery process, children must plan and execute their vision, strengthening executive functioning skills. Over time, working with clay gives children more precise motor control and hand-eye coordination, and strengthens their ability to understand that their actions have lasting consequences in the world.


  • Pottery Wheel
  • Pottery plate
  • Support for Decorating and sculpting
  • Sculpting tools
  • Cutting cord grips
  • Colors acrylic paint
  • Color tray
  • Genuine hair brushes
  • Non toxic Clay (total:800 Gram)

Important to know

  • Once molded, individual student projects must dry and be stored at the site until the following class. At that time, students will finish drawing and painting their art piece and proudly take it home.
  • Pottery is not a tidy or clean activity. It’s a messy, raw, natural process. As such, Nexplore recommends a classroom set up that includes sinks and table cloths.