Requirements and Policies.

Terms and Conditions


  • Nexplore Games Room Requirements: regular classroom or room set up with tables and chairs to allow children to play board games.
  • Zumba Kids Room Requirements: Spacious area without any obstacles to allow a large group of children to dance (gym preferred). Room/space must have access to a power source. Audio and speakers connectivity is a plus.
  • Minimum of 40 students or more per visit.
  • For Zumba Kids, students must ware closed-toed or athletic shoes and clothing that allows flexibility of movement. Students will need water or access to water fountain.


  • The number of children per class cannot exceed 26 for Nexplore Games or 40 for Zumba Kids.
  • If the location is determined to be more than 20 miles from the instructor’s location, than school/camp will be charged an additional $45.
  • Nexplore does not require a deposit to secure the date. However, once a date is reserved, we must receive a written cancellation request within 2 weeks of the reserved date. Otherwise, the school/camp will be billed a $75 cancellation fee.