Virtual Summer Camp Registration Is Open

Nexplore Is Thrilled To Announce Our Virtual Summer Camp!

Nexplore, the one-stop shop for on-site STEAM enrichment services, is excited to announce our Virtual Summer Camp!

We created our Virtual Summer camp as a place with a purpose. Nexplore’s Founder and CEO, Dori Larea, says, “This is a place where imaginations take flight, interests are discovered, skill sets are improved, friendships are made, and campers can soar. We encourage our campers to dream big, and we empower them with the confidence and skills to shoot for the stars.”

Our well-rounded summer program is taught by experienced instructors, live, on your home device. Our curriculum offers a rich mix of STEAM, fitness, life skills and hands on activities to maintain a healthy life style and a balanced routine for K-5 students. We offer these programs; Makers ClubScience Wiz , Nature Watch, Visual Art3D Art Rods, Zumba Kids , Capoeira Finance literacyStrategy Games and Magic. Nexplore’s Virtual Summer Camp will also provide virtual tours to famous Museums and Zoo’s, storytelling and more!

Nexplore will ship sealed, consumable kits directly to your home address. Your child will be able enjoy our hand-on activities while remaining safe at home. Some of our activities will be based on supply that can be found in most households. Nexplore will provide an item list prior to class.


Our mission is to foster the joy of learning and provide the best educational experiences for kids across the Nation. We offer the most diverse selection of instructor lead after-school, in-school, homeschool and summer programs that are cutting-edge, unique, and fun, both in person & online! Nexplore is a National Enrichment Provider with over 15 years of experience. Our programs are currently offered weekly at over 300 educational partners across 8 states, and growing.

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