Virtual Enrichment for stay-at-home children

Dear Parents

Are you looking for a solution for your stay at home child?

Nexplore has you covered with a virtual enrichment program specially designed for stay at home children.

Here at Nexplore we asked ourselves how can we boost our virtual experience while staying true to our mission of “Fostering the joy of learning.”

We have incorporated into our virtual programs four characteristics of playful learning: Joyful, Actively Engaging, Socially Interactive and a Meaningful Experience.

Our secret sauce so to speak is our unique learning supplies and hands-on consumable kits. We offer our families to ship our kits directly to their home.

Furthermore, all of our classes are run live and not pre-recorded. By doing so, we have created a new trend of virtual experience which is HANDS ON.

Our students are tenfold more engaged and interactive. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Nexplore provides a well rounded enrichment program taught by an experienced instructor live on your home device. Our curriculum offers a rich mix of STEAM, fitness, life skills and hands on activities to maintain a healthy life style and a balanced routine for K-5 students.

Programs Schedule

Select Between The Following Options

Once a week program
Monday - Friday mix programs

Learning Supply

Nexplore will ship sealed consumable kits directly to your home address. Thus, your child will be able enjoy our hand-on activities while remain safe at home.
Some of our activities will be based on supply that can be found at any household. Nexplore will provide an item list prior to class.
Printable lesson plans and worksheets will be shared via Zoom or Google Drive.

Online Learning Platform

Nexplore online classes will be delivered via Zoom. Click here to download for free zoom to your computer.
We recommend that you check audio and video capabilities prior to class.
Internet connection is required.